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Welceome to the Shadows

The world you knew has fallen. Left in the wake of its destruction is a civilization trying to rebuild. However, this is not the world you once knew. Climbing through the shadows is all the dark creatures that used to haunt our dreams. Without them we would never have turned the tide against the plague or stopped the war that followed. But, while some want to build a utopia, where we all live peacefully together, others want to rule, keeping all other species as servants. Will you emerge from the shadows as an Angel, Demon, Vampire, or something completely different? Are you going to help us rebuild this world in the utopia others envision or help burn it to the ground? Come join other dark creatures in the shadows. Become strong, join families, bloodlines, or go it alone. But no matter what, come into the shadows ready to fight and Play!

Shadows Legends Toughest Creatures
PosDark Warrior
1 🩸 S 🩸 ruffspot
2 ☠️S.O.E☠️ Kanaka Kawai
3 🌛BMR🌜 ~Crimson~
4 🏹SW🏹 SarahAnn
5 🌛BMR🌜 Shadow Priest
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